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Waves.India - Prices continue to hold key FIB resistances

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‘Performance cycles’ is a term coined by Orpheus Capitals. This is another name for time triads, time arbitrage, time fractals but expressed in terms of relative performance. It’s a bounded oscillator that moves from 1 to 30. 1 is top relative performance and 30 is worst performance. The idea is [...]

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Channels.BVB - Mid economic update

COMELF WEEKLY (CMF) Momentum turns down. We can expect negativity ahead. ELECTROPUTERE WEEKLY (EPT) Sideways action continues. CONDMAG DAILY (COMI) Non confirming momentum suggests negativity. PERFORMANCE CYCLES (COMI) Momentum goes below zero, but performance cycles remain negative. There is exhaustion at current levels.
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CHANNELS.BVB is our second perspective product published [...]

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