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Channels.India - Bhel. Anticipated and happened

BHEL DAILY (BHEL) Anticipated and happened Prices turn back from key resistances at 2,450 levels. A more determined downmove would suggest that the corrective structure up is indeed complete. LARSEN DAILY (LART) This could be the beginning of a new impulse up. We need a clear break above key 1,700 levels for a positive confirmation. [...]

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The Orpheus Newsletter - 16 March 2010

The perfect hedge

Hedging a portfolio is an illusion, because a near perfect hedge delivers more than a risk free return consistently.
Aristotle’s Organon is not to tell readers what is true, but rather to give approaches for how to investigate the truth and how to make sense of the world. The primary tool in Aristotle’s tool [...]

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Waves.Gold - Nickel.Anticipated and happened

The anticipated upside on NICKEL matched the Performance cycles which were pointing up from early December. The latest WAVES.GOLD carries the anticipated and happened case on Nickel. Copper and Platinum have topping performance cycles. Both the metals are heading into key Fibonacci resistances and are expected to reverse for at least minor degree. The [...]

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Waves.ROM - SNP.Anticipated and happened

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WAVES.ROM is a perspective product published on TUESDAY’S and THURSDAY’S. The report highlights Romanian Stock Market top three Equity Indices viz. the top ten blue chip BET Index (.BETI), BET Composite (.BETC), the Financial Index BETFI (.BETFI) and the local currency RON (EURRON=, RON=). The products [...]

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