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Waves.India - Up but topping

Conventional thought means every time market makes new high, give it attention. Elliott thought does not agree with this. We are counting the move up from Mar 2009 low as a potential counter trend (W) – (X) – (Y) – (X) – (Z). When markets make such a corrective, new high ceases to have [...]

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The Orpheus Newsletter - 08 April 2010

Demystifying Elliott Waves

Elliott waves can be recreated using the geometrical Time Triads.
It’s a rare chance that you have not heard about the Elliott Wave Theory. Named after Ralph N Elliott, the theory redefined Charles Dow’s theory of 1880’s where Dow talked about three legged bull market, and compared markets with ripples, waves [...]

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Channels.BVB - Mid Economic Update. Momentum

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CHANNELS.BVB is our second perspective product published on MONDAY, WEDNESDAY AND FRIDAY. The report uses conventional technical tools and focuses on stocks more than Indices. The report illustrates key price levels, price targets, price projections and time turn windows. WAVES.ROM and CHANNELS.ROM are bundled together as PERSPECTIVE products. Unlike WAVES [...]

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