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Waves.India - Subminor to primary

The Elliott wave theory works across time frames, from 1 minute to weekly or monthly charts. It is easier to understand the subminor count if we know where we are heading on a multi-week time frame. And a multi-month timeframe can be understood by positioning it in the multi year picture.
Our latest Waves.India report carries [...]

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Waves.global - Thai SET, anticipated and happened

SET - Thailand

Enjoy the latest WAVES.GLOBAL
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Contributing Columnist: Dan-Andrei Rusu graduated in 2005 the Faculty of Economics Cluj-Napoca, “Dimitrie Cantemir” University. In the same year he’s joined BT Securities as a financial analyst. In 2007 he was authorized as an investment consultant by the Romanian Brokers’ Association. He is [...]

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Waves.forex - Dollar topping?

Performance cycles is a term coined by Orpheus Capitals. This is another name for time triads, time arbitrage, time fractals but expressed in terms of relative performance. It’s a bounded oscillator that moves in a range say from 1 to 30. 1 is top relative performance and 30 is worst performance. The idea is that [...]

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