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Channels.India - IDEA. Flat scenario

IDEA DAILY (IDEA) Potential inverted Flat formation. Prices reached key Fib resistances near psychological 70 levels. A potential minor top could be in. Performance cycles are positive and suggest if Idea is topping here, Nifty should fall more the idea. CHANNELS.INDIA is our second perspective product published on MONDAY, WEDNESDAY and FRIDAY. The report uses [...]
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Continuation head and shoulder or Elliott Triangle

A continuation Head and Shoulder pattern could also be a looked as a triangle. A similar pattern of conventional head and shoulder of a five legged 3-3-3-3-3 (a-b-c-d-e) triangle was present in Nifty during the fall from May 2008 to Oct 2008. Vivek Marne is currently working with BDO Consulting in Oman, providing services in [...]
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Dafora makes a continuation Head and Shoulder

WAVES.ROM is a perspective product published on TUESDAY’S and THURSDAY’S. The report highlights Romanian Stock Market top three Equity Indices viz. the top ten blue chip BET Index (.BETI), BET Composite (.BETC), the Financial Index BETFI (.BETFI) and the local currency RON (EURRON=, RON=). The products covers the top ten BET component stocks. (ROMP.BX, SNPP.BX, [...]
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Continuation Head and Shoulder Fractals

Fractals (similar price patterns) are not about same asset they can also be about different region, different assets, different time. This is a potential continuation head and shoulder formation seen in India and Romania. This case was carried in TICKS INDIA. 13.07.10 11:00 BSEMETALS. DAILY. Don’t get tricked by conventionalism. It’s everywhere. Understand the Elliott [...]
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