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Waves.India - Nifty. Evening Star

Login for orpheus.asia member’s area here. Michesan Anna-Maria, the columnist for the WAVES.INDIA weekly and Head of India Research. Anna discovered her interest of markets immediately after completing her graduate studies in Economics. She followed it up with post graduate studies in corporate finance. A host of research work in behavioral finance, option strategies and [...]
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Reconciling the Rieki

The more we try to integrate performance cycles (Rieki) with Forex, the more nuances we see. First about the changes we did in the Forex Rieki. We are now monitoring quarterly cycles and not minor (few trading days) cycle. This gives us a more intermediate perspective, which can reconcile the Elliott counts with performance on [...]
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Targets and Stops (003) - Fibonacci projections

Another important and broadly used target calculation tool is what market technicians call the Fibonacci projections. Simply putting the Fibonacci ratios are used to project the end of a three legged structure after two legs are considered complete. These three legs could be a-b-c, 1-2-3, 3-4-5 or w-x-y. These following Fibonacci ratios or projections: 0.382 [...]
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