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Food Crisis Updated

If WHEAT is down 34% (back to 2007 levels), SUGAR is down 28% (sub 2005 levels), COCOA is down 20% (back to 2003 highs), COTTON is falling since 1995 and is down 87%, CORN is down 34% (back to 2007 levels) and even COFFEE which we gave a positive upturn reco in MAR 2007 (after [...]
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Making of an AAAs

It’s not very tough. Moody’s did it recently when they discredited their near 100 year old rating research history by giving ridiculously positive ratings to some not so positive Icelandic banks. The research bust happened again and John Moody might have had strange reactions, if he was around. But then we witness it all the [...]
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The IRISH Potato

Now we might call it the MCX May Potato, but econohistory quotes the Potato’s Irish origin comprehensively. Due to blight, the great famine happened between 1845-49 destroying the primary source of food for many Irish. This is a classic case study of the linkage of a crop and an economy. According to some estimates, 500,000 [...]
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Who is killing the cotton farmer?

We are in the Aquarian age, the age of unpredictability. The hedging system we proudly create and boast off can not safeguard the very farmer, the first user of risk management. The farmer was the reason why we created the system in the first place. In the past 18 months, 1200 cotton farmers of Vidarbha [...]
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The legend of Cornucopia

Amalthea raised Zeus on the milk of a goat and in turn Zeus gave her the goat’s horn, the horn of plenty, which had the power to give to the person in possession of it whatever he or she wished for. This is the legend of cornucopia. Despite what contemporary mindsets might be, for us [...]
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Westernisation of Asian diet

Adam Smith would have been so happy to see thriving Mac burgers next to Andheri station in Mumbai. The vision of capitalism lived much beyond his imagination. But what might shock him though is how consumerism overwhelmed the invisible hand. And how sustained income, urbanization and growth pushed Asia to drop an inferior good rice [...]
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The Quirky Human

Although he never took an economics course, Princeton psychologist [bold]Daniel Kahneman[/bold] received the Nobel Prize in economic sciences in 2002. Kahneman’s life-long work integrated psychological research and economic science. His work showed economists how people don’t always make reasoned choices. Kahneman calls it “The Quirkiness of Human Judgment”. [bold]“Sell high and buy low”[/bold] sums this [...]
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