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Bill Meridian on DOW, GOLD and OIL (Archive)

Published on 24 Aug 2008 Cycles theorist Bill Meridian began on as a fundamental analyst at the Value Line Investment Survey. Then in 1978, he began to design computer programs to perform the number-crunching required to relate stock market movements to cycles. He has worked both the buy and sell sides of Wall Street, most [...]
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The Wall Street Macaroni

Just over a year and a half ago we mentioned in one of our articles ‘Revisiting Caritas’ the crash of Capital markets in reference to Romania, one of the four hottest emerging markets in the world. We accept that the meltdown was more brutal and faster than we thought. And we did not expect companies [...]
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- CAPITALIZATION AND PRICE PERFORMANCE SCREEN We introduce a new numeric ranking screen for the XTR 100 stocks and sectors. The screen is based on three broad categories of market capitalization viz. small cap, mid cap and large cap. We have illustrated the capitalization categories with the weekly and monthly price performance in the annexure. [...]
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Recession proof stockpicking

Attractive valuations should lead to price performance. This statement may be partially true in secular bull markets. But when markets fall for more than a year, we need more than attractive valuations to recession proof our investments. As good valuations necessarily don’t outperform and even if they do, there is no fast retribution. Things take [...]
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The 10 percent FILTER

10 per cent moves may be a normal volatility on an emerging market like ROMANIA. But when a stock makes a year high while broad market is still making new lows, we have more than a bad volatility case here, we have outperformance. There are only seven stocks which are positive for the year and [...]
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XTR 21 - The new components

Last whole week we have been working on the new issue of XTR 21. Our leading blue chip index is 6 months old and a clear market leader. We have some performance history now and we wanted to rerun the model before we start the second half of the year. As we mentioned prior, statistical [...]
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XTR - free float

A free float index of 30 stocks XTR -30 FREE FLOAT can not be constructed just from BVB stocks. We need to combine the RASDAQ and BVB offering. And since there was no available broad market index, which we could just rehash and present the XTR – 30, we got to work on the XTR [...]
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XTR 100 - the broad Index

XTR 21 is market cap and fundamental weighted index. And to make it more replicable (tradable) we have studied the underlying free float for the market, to introduce the benchmarks FREE FLOAT version. Moreover the current statistics do suggest that XTR 21 could better its performance with a free float review. However, since this will [...]
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XTR - Correlation

In probability theory and statistics, correlation indicates the strength and direction of a linear relationship between two random variables. This statistical parameter can not only help in stock selection but also create structured products based on market neutralizing. Suggesting a hedging strategy, a week before market fell more than 8% was nothing short of timing. [...]
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XTR - Market Neutral

It might look strange, but though the problems are more in America, it’s the Romanian markets that feel the heat. One of the reasons emerging markets like Romania are more volatile is because markets lack the knowledge of risk management. We are ideally speaking still a “LONG ONLY” market. We don’t have mechanisms to short [...]
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